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Moeen U Ahmed is willing to explain 2007 student-army clash via teleconference.

After taking the office the parliamentary committee for education affairs started an investigation on that student-clash incident. They interviewed some key figures who were involved that time. Education advisor of that caretaker government was among them.

The parliamentary committee also wanted to interview the chief advisor Fakhruddim Ahmed of that caretaker government and then army chief Moeen U Ahmed, because many believe that army was behind the scene that time.

That student-army clash started from a simple incident at Dhaka University playground. The students demanded action against the alleged army personnel and apology from the government. But delay in doing so triggered spread of protest countrywide, especially in educational institutions.

At the end army took stern action to restore law and order. Army violated human right in the process and many say, actually the army wanted to take revenge as it was a student army clash.

Now the parliamentary committee wants to determine that who was responsible for that human right violation. They sent a letter to Fakhruddim Ahmed and Moeen U Ahmed, asking them to stand before the committee. They are outside the country now and replied in an e-mail. The parliamentary rejected the answer and again asked them to come back.

Earlier the committee said they will accept if the two figures agree to answer via teleconference. Though Fakhruddim Ahmed is silent but Moeen U Ahmed replied and expressed his willingness for teleconference in a letter few days ago. Perhaps his priority will be to defend himself, because it is reported that the committee is almost convinced that Fakhruddim Ahmed  and Moeen U Ahmed was responsible for those incidents.

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