Moshrraf Karim with his real wife

Popular actor Mosharraf karim is now acting with his real wife. Mosharraf Karim has acted with many popular actresses but never with his wife Jui. In fact she never performed in front of television camera. Jui acted her debut TV drama few days ago with Mosharraf Karim in a single episode TV drama ‘Gate’ which was written by Shahjada Mamun and directed by Razib Rasul.

Mosharraf Karim says, he is surprised to see Jui’s acting. She is really a good actress and keeping her away from acting was a big mistake.

After success of the first drama, this couple is going to act on a one hundred and four episode drama ‘Dui Takar Bahaduri’ which will be aired on satellite TV Banglavision. Story of this drama is written by Shamim Jaman and directed by Al hazen. The story of the drama is on two archrival groups of a village. One is a group of thieves and another is a group of dacoits. At the end it is a story of love.

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