Mother turtles face increasing threats in St. Martin

Mother turtles face increasing threats in St. Martin

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Professor MD Farid Ahsan of Chittagong University conducted research on endangered turtles in the Cox’s Bazar area. They identified 11 existential threats to sea turtles. These include destruction of turtle nests on the Cox’s Bazar beach by unplanned infrastructure development, use of restricted gill nets known as current nets and tow nets, haphazard lighting of the beach area, fishing nets This includes killing captured mother turtles. Throwing discarded fishing nets into the sea, diving off the beach during turtle breeding season, playing sports and smuggling turtle eggs.

In addition, fishermen often leave current and behingi nets in the sea near St. Martin Island beaches. In addition, larger fishing boats are increasingly using nets. Mother turtles die from these three types of fishing nets. Some turtles swim ashore to lay eggs, but stray dogs eat their eggs.

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