Multimedia class room in schools.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid is saying that the government will launch multimedia class room in 20 thousand and five hundred schools soon.

Apparently multimedia class room is a good idea. But many have raised question that whether it is applicable in our schools.

Prominent educationalist and professor of Shahjalal University Dr. Muhammad Jafar Iqbal thinks multimedia projector is not always a good idea. He thinks if the teacher is sincere enough traditional chalk and black board is better. When a multimedia projector is used the audiences concentrate on the screen not on the teacher. He thinks it is necessary for students to eye on the teacher.

There may be other issues, many of the schools do not have electricity, and load shedding is very common throughout the country. What will happen if load shedding starts during a class? Many teachers even do not know how to use a computer. How they will prepare lecture slides for the students?

Even the education minister has urged teachers to learn basic computer operating as early as possible.

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