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Music as great as Meditation

Dada” Tapan Kanti Baidya is a eminent exemplary strain vocalist as great as an skilful clergyman — great recognized both during home as great as abroad. He is a customarily artist from Bangladesh who achieved during United Nations’ ECOSOC Hall, New York in 1998. The afterwards UN Secretary General Kofi Anan, together with a array of diplomats as great as Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, enjoyed that performance. Baidya is additionally a sole invited artist from Bangladesh to perform during India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India in 2002. He is a initiator of dhrupad-dhamar in Bangladesh.

“Dhrupad-dhamar is during a rise of north Indian exemplary music. Khayal stands in a middle, whilst thumri as great as dadra have been deliberate almost classical. The mood of dhrupad can most appropriate be tangible by meditation. Dhrupad is to sing for Divinity; to sing for a ultimate, whilst a idealisation end of khayal is to strech a senses,” explains a artiste.

“Pakhawaj, as great as not tabla, accompanies a dhrupad-dhamar performance. Unusual taal similar to chautal (12 beats), dhamar (14 beats) as great as surphak (10 beats) have been customarily played in a dhrupad performance. The initial partial of dhrupad is called dhrupad alaap jor that leads to a habitual as great as unequivocally epitome form of exemplary music, whilst second as great as final partial of it is called dhrupad bandish that focuses upon a movement of speed of taal or laykari with lyrics,” adds Baidya.

Born in 1954 in Chittagong, Dada Tapan Kanti Baidya perceived strain lessons from his father, Dr. Motilal Baidya. His alternative gurus in Bangladesh were Pandit Priyoda Ranjan Sengupta, Pandit Jagodananda Barua as great as Ustad Abdul Halim Chowdhury.

Baidya complicated Indian exemplary strain underneath a origin of eminent Indian gurus Pandit VB Wajel War as great as Pandit Nimai Chand Boral of Dagar gharana (dhrupad-dhamar); Pandit Alok Chattopadhyay of Kirana gharana (khayal); Pandit Prashun Bandyopadhyay of Patiala gharana (khayal as great as thumri), Ustad Yunus Hossain Khan of Agra as great as Atroli gharana (khayal as great as thumri), Pandit Ajoy Chakrobarty of Patiala gharana (special training) as great as Pandti Mohon Singh Khangura of Panjabi gharana (khayal as great as thumri).

Baidya additionally schooled Rabindra Sangeet from mythological singers similar to Konika Bandyopadhyay, Nilima Sen as great as Gora Sarbadhikari. The artist bagged Ashraf Smriti Swarno Padok, participating in a initial National Nazrul Sangeet Competition, in Bangladesh in 1975.

Students United for Research in Musical Activities (SURMA) organized a record-breaking piece for a single person Indian exemplary strain (vocal) opening during TSC Auditorium, Dhaka University upon Jan twenty-six this year. The featured artist was nothing alternative than Dada Tapan Kanti Baidya who achieved uninterrupted for 5 hours, a attainment that vies for a place in a Guinness Book of World Records.

As partial of a audience, this bard accompanied “Dada” upon his low-pitched excursion that night. His performances featured dhrupad, dhamar, khayal, tarana as great as ragas set upon assorted themes similar to articulating a mood during a time in between afternoon as great as dusk; ragas befitting for a evening, night, winter as great as appearance of spring.

The gala additionally witnessed a launch of a VCD series, patrician “Sangeet Guru Ananda” that offers tips upon a quickest approach to sense Indian exemplary strain in customarily dual months. Raga Yaman as great as Bhupali (first as great as second part) were presented in dual apart discs. At slightest 50 ragas will be enclosed in a array in a days to come. “Ananda” is a pen name of a artiste. Sadarang World Wide Music Centre is producing a VCD series.

“Despite carrying enthusiasts, fervent learners as great as arrangements, Bangladesh cannot furnish exemplary strain performers upon a vast scale, given a source of it is unequivocally week. We begin guidance customarily with tanpura, sidelining harmonium as it lessens creativity. We should embrace lessons from means gurus as great as perform regularly. Then a character of gharana will be created,” a artist asserts.

The artist has determined a particular character of delivery that he feels giveaway to tenure “Dada gharana”. He has taken “Dada” as his title, rsther than than a normal Pandit or Ustad, as he believes that these have eremite connotations.

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