Myanmar vs Bangladesh cyber war

Web site of Dhaka Reporters Unity and some other government web sites are hacked by some foreign hackers. It is reported that some Burmese and Indian hacker groups are behind this. The hackers posted Burmese flag and some messages on the hacked sites.

The message on the hacked sites says, Muslims of Myanmar are not the citizen of Myanmar and they are illegal migrant form Bangladesh. The message also alleges that Bangladesh is backing the so called Muslim terrorists.

Though historians have always refused the popular Burmese belief and they say, Rohigyas have started living in Burma even before the Rakhains.

Bangladeshi hackers have said that they have restored most of the sites and they will respond with proper reply soon. Few months ago Bangladeshi hackers hacked more than twenty five thousand Indian sites when the Indian hackers hacked about seven hundred Bangladeshi sites. It was reported that Israeli hackers backed Indian hackers that time.

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