National ID card will be must to travel on train

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Railway is still popular in Bangladesh for safety and comfortableness. It’s cheaper and during the present Covid-19 pandemic railway didn’t increase its fare. Moreover, railway has stopped selling standing tickets and has been selling only fifty percent of its total seat capacity.

But buying a ticket has not been easy. Standing on long queues to buy a ticket was a common experience. Railway has stopped selling tickets on station counters to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Now all tickets are being sold through online ticketing mobile apps and web sites. But many are buying tickets online and later selling those on the black market for higher prices.

So now the rail authority is trying to make national ID card mandatory. Railway has taken an initiative to launch a new system in cooperation with Bangladesh Election Commission, which maintains the national ID card database. Railway ticket checkers will carry smartphones or tabs to check whether the ticket purchaser himself or herself traveling. Tickets for intercity trains will only be sold online. Officials are expecting it will stop illegal ticket selling on the black market.

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