NATO condemns Putin's rhetoric on strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus

NATO condemns Putin’s rhetoric on strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus

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Experts said Russia’s move was significant because until now it had prided itself on not deploying nuclear weapons outside its borders, unlike the US. This may be the first time since the mid-1990s that he has done so.

The US, also a nuclear superpower, played down concerns about Russia’s planned nuclear deployment.

Rep. Michael McCaul, Republican chairman of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, said he designed Russia’s plan to intimidate the West.

McCall told the Fox News Sunday program, “I think it’s basically flamboyant on Putin’s part to try to intimidate.” “These strategic nukes are troubling.”

Tactical nuclear weapons refer to those with the capability to wipe out cities when used for a specific advantage on the battlefield. It is unclear how many such weapons Russia has, given that it is still an area shrouded in Cold War secrecy.

Putin insisted on Sunday that Western powers were building a new “axis” similar to the partnership between Germany and Japan during World War II.

It was a reprisal of a theme used in its depiction of the war – that Moscow is fighting a Ukraine held by alleged Nazis, which has been instigated by Western powers to intimidate Russia.

Ukraine dismisses those parallels as fake pretexts for a war of imperial conquest.

Putin also denied that Russia was building a military alliance with China. The United States has said it fears China may supply weapons to Russia, something China denies.

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