NATO to demonstrate increase in defense spending in response to Trump's threats

NATO to demonstrate increase in defense spending in response to Trump’s threats

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France said Europe needed another “life insurance” policy besides NATO to ensure the continent’s security.

Diplomats from several NATO countries say keeping the United States on board is fundamental to deterring the threat from Russia.

But they are also optimistic about how genuine Trump’s threats are, arguing that the coalition has emerged from his first term unscathed.

While the focus is on NATO’s own defense spending, the important issue of support for Ukraine will also be on the table at Wednesday’s meeting.

Julian Smith, the US ambassador to NATO, said on Tuesday that Europe had now overtaken the United States in its support of Kiev.

The US Senate on Tuesday approved long-delayed funding for Ukraine’s war effort, but the package is set to be rejected by the Republican-led lower chamber.

Doubts have arisen over the future of US aid as Ukrainian forces find themselves vulnerable to slow Russian advances on the front lines.

The meeting was to be chaired in person by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to garner more support for Kyiv, but he was forced to cancel his visit to Brussels after he was hospitalized.

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