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Nazrul Melody in Focus


Marking the 112th bieing born anniversary of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bengal Foundation organized the three-day memorial event, patrician ‘Amar Akash Mayer Koley’ during Bengal Shilpalaya in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

The legal holiday began with an manuscript launch upon Jun 16. Cultural celebrity Dr. Sarwar Ali denounced the Nazrul Sangeet manuscript “Shokal Belar Sur”, featuring Sharmin Sathi Islam. Bengal Foundation has constructed the album.

A series of Nazrul Sangeet artistes achieved in the sunrise as good as dusk sessions upon Jun 17. Flautist Faizur Rahman kicked off the sunrise eventuality with raga ‘Bhairobi’. Later, Nazrul artistes Ferdaus Ara, Asit Dey, Anup Barua, Bizon Chandra Mistry, Shahid Kabir Palash as good as Champa Bonik changed upon to ragas ‘Lalit’, ‘Ramkeli’, ‘Ahir Bhairo’, ‘Desh’, ‘Todi’ as good as ‘Joy Joyonti’ as good as rendered “Piu Piu Papihara”, “Bhorer Hawa”, “Arun Kanti Ke Go”, “Esho Priyo Aaro Kachhey”, “Jago Jago Kholo Go Aa(n)khi”, “Mor Na Mititey Asha” as good as some-more during the event. Farhad Zaman Palash shouted Nazrul’s “Atripto Kamona” in the session.

Director General of Bengal Foundation Luva Nahid Chowdhury welcomed the assembly to the dusk eventuality of the second day’s programme. She additionally gave the short comment of the Rebel Poet’s hold up as good as achievements.

“The proceed aspirations of leisure resounded in Nazrul’s poems as good as songs is outstanding. Nazrul’s patriotism, suggestion of non-communal conscience, his consolation with women, the downtrodden as good as upon tip of all his adore for amiability will enthuse generations to come,” Chowdhury asserted.

Among the artistes, Fatema Tuz Zohra, Yasmin Mushtari, Yaqub Ali Khan, Suman Chowdhury, Dalia Nausheen, Anindita Chowdhury as good as Chhanda Chakrobarty bewitched the assembly by receiving it upon the three-hour low-pitched journey, any artist entrance onward with 3 songs. With the monsoon in full fool around in the capital, any thespian rendered songs shaped upon monsoon ragas.

Chhanda Chakrobarty was the initial to take the stage. She began with the kabyageeti “Ekhono Otheni Chand”, followed by “Je Obohela Diye Morey”. Chhanda wrapped up her partial with the monsoon tune “Gagoney Krishna Megh Doley”. Based upon raga ‘Nilambori’, Yaqub Ali Khan embarked upon his repertoire with the strain “Nilambori Shari Pori”. A monsoon offering, “Jhor Jhor Jhorey Shawon Dhara”, shortly followed. In conclusion, he achieved the thumri, “Badhu Tomar Amar Ei Je Biroho”.

Dalia Nausheen rendered the kabyageeti “Tumi Shunitey Cheyona” followed by “Srijon Chhandey Anandey” as good as the kirtan “Ami Jabona Jabona”. Anindita Chowdhury began with the series “Peye Keno Nahi Pai” whilst her father Pinu Sen Das played the tabla lahora upon teentaal during the finish of her initial offering. Next she achieved “Bulbuli Nirob Nargis Boney” as good as “Keno Diley E Ka(n)ta Jadi Kushum Diley”.

Suman Chowdhury initial rendered an agomoni (welcome) strain “Aaye Maa”. The series contained the elements of both thumri as good as kirtan. A monsoon raga shaped strain “Abar Ki Elo Rey Badol” was presented subsequent by the seasoned artiste. The thespian wrapped up his partial with the dadra, “Priya Swaponey Esho Nirojoney”. The regretful imagery used in the strain clearly changed the audience.

Yasmin Mushtari due with the ghazal “Cheyona Sunayona”. The achieved thespian preoccupied the assembly behaving the churned ‘Shyam Kalyan’ genre “Sedin Chhilo Ki Godhuli Lagon”. She wrapped up her partial with the kajri “Sakhi Ba(n)dh-lo Ba(n)dh-lo Jhulonia”. “All the imageries of the monsoon have been concurrently manifest in this song,” pronounced Yasmin.

The final artist of the celebration Fatema Tuz Zohra rendered “Dristitey Aar Hoy Na Srishti” whilst the tabla artist Enamul Haque Omar together with Pinu Sen Das played ‘kaharba’. The singer’s subsequent charity was the religious series “Tumi Loho Probhu Amar”. And final nonetheless not the slightest the artist achieved “Nacher Neshaye Ghor Legechhey”. With her usual gesticulation as good as smile, Fatema Tuz Zohra set in reserve her harmonium as good as got the eager assembly to lean to the rhythm.

Daulotur Rahman upon guitar; Sunil Sarkar upon keyboard; Faizur Rahman upon ba(n)shi as good as Partha upon mondira were the alternative instrumentalists to attend with the singers during the soiree.

The final day’s programme featured delivery of songs as good as recitation. Noted Nazrul singers Shaheen Samad, Khairul Anam Shakil, Nashid Kamal, Sharmin Sathi Islam, Sujit Mustafa, Prodip Nandi as good as Mafizur Rahman achieved songs, whilst Bhaswar Bandyopadhyay was upon palm with the recitation.

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