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New VoIP licences from Feb

The supervision will finish all a procedures for arising latest licences for voice over internet custom blurb operation inside of subsequent dual months, pronounced a apportion upon Sunday.

The post as well as telecommunication minister, Raji Uddin Ahmed, upon Sunday told a parliamentary station cabinet upon a method which compulsory preparations in this regards were roughly accomplished as well as a routine to emanate licences would be instituted by Feb subsequent year, sources in a cabinet said.
‘The apportion replying to a question sensitive a cabinet which a routine to emanate latest licences for a VoIP blurb operation could be proposed by February,’ cabinet partial of Moazzem Hossain Raton told New Age after a cabinet meeting.
He additionally pronounced which progressing a cabinet had endorsed which a method should emanate licences for VoIP blurb operation as well as during Sunday’s assembly a cabinet members asked a apportion about a progress.
The officials additionally sensitive a cabinet which a country’s bearer services would be brought underneath a regulatory complement as well as a guideline to this outcome would be rebuilt inside of subsequent dual months, a assembly sources said.
‘The bearer use companies have been using blurb operation yet any regulatory complement for a final twenty-six years as bearer use was not enclosed in a have up of Postal Act,’ cabinet government Hasanul Haq Inu pronounced after a meeting, adding which compulsory manners in this courtesy were roughly finalised as well as a regulatory complement would be introduced by Feb subsequent year.
Meeting sources pronounced which a postal dialect had already rebuilt a guideline as well as if, a law is enacted, a three-member government headed by a corner cabinet partial of would lift out a chartering complement for a bearer service.
Sources pronounced which a breeze of a latest sequence was formulated gripping a sustenance of realising Tk 50,000 to 2 lakh as excellent upon assign of violating a sequence as well as all a companies in home as well as abroad would come underneath a regulatory system.
‘The postal dialect will contention a breeze manners during a subsequent assembly of a cabinet as well as after capitulation of a manners a bearer services would be brought underneath a regulatory system,’ cabinet partial of Mohammad Abdul Kuddus told New Age.
The cabinet additionally endorsed which a method should plead with a mobile phone companies as well as a experts in a particular margin prior to renovation of a 2G license.
It additionally endorsed which a taskforce should be shaped to deliver a Internet Protocol Version 6 by 2012 as a nation is still in a age of IPV-4.
The cabinet government pronounced which Laptops constructed by a Telephone Shilpo Sangstha would be accessible in a marketplace by Mar subsequent year.
‘Although a technical preparations in this courtesy were complete, it is receiving time to come to a marketplace due to senior manager complications,’ pronounced Inu, adding which a price of a opposite categories of laptops would be Taka 10 thousand, twelve thousand as well as fifteen thousand respectively.
The assembly appreciated a successful prolongation of visual essential element by Cable Shilpo Sangstha in Khulna as well as pronounced which a internal prolongation of a visual essential element cables could encounter 60 percent approach of a country.

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