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News in brief (of Eid holydays)

Eid: the nation observed Eid ul fitre in due religious fervour. The main Eid jamat (Prayer) held in the national Eid Gah despite drizzling . President and many renowned personnel were present in that prayer.

National mosque (Baitul moquaram) conducted several jamats.

Law and order:

The law and order situation in the most market area was quite normal. People could go to markets freely even atmidnight.

However, stray events occurred at several places that killed nearly 30 people here and there mostly because of clashes between two leading political parties.


During these five days, many incidents occurred here and there. More than 50 people died during these days and the number of injured people is more than 300.

Amusement parks: amusement parks were crowded. City people had little space to fulfill their thirst for recreation. These parks could give them a little pleasure

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