No more lockdown to control Covid-19

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Bangladeshi foreign minister has commented that his government has no plan to impose lockdown to control the spread of Omicron variant of Coronavirus. His comment came amid fear of another wave of the current pandemic. More than thousand positive cases have been detected for the last few days. Experts have warned this new variant may not be as fatal as the Indian variant. But this new variant is more contagious than any variant detected so far. Many western countries and even neighboring India have already imposed tougher restrictions.

There has been speculation that the Bangladesh government may do the same. But the foreign minister has commented detection rate of the Omicron variant is still very low, and we are discouraging cross-border movement, especially with India. He advised people to get vaccinated, and the government is aiming to vaccinate at least eighty percent of people. More than three million vaccines are in the pipeline. Earlier, the education department has directed to complete vaccination of students aged between twelve and eighteen years before the fifteenth of January. Students aged above twelve will not be allowed to classroom from the fifteenth of January.

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