Nokia’s concert at Army Stadium

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‘Rock the Legends’ was the initial vital open air unison of this year. Army Stadium in Dhaka rocked to the riffs of Nagarbaul, Miles as well as LRB upon Jan 2. Mobile inclination manufacturer Nokia organised the event. The unison was singular given it was the fans who motionless what songs they longed for the seasoned bands to fool around for them. Also notable was the suggestion as well as unrestrained of the rockstars. They played some-more songs than any alternative unison in new years.

Nagarbaul was the initial to take to the stage, opening with the assembly the a single preferred “Lace Fita Lace” which was met with the sea of cheers. The rope followed it with some-more hits, particularly “Lootpat”, “Dukhini Dukkho Korona” as well as “Mannan Miar Titas Molom” — classics which the rope occasionally performs nowadays. “Pagla Hawa” as well as “Dushtu Chheler Dol” additionally perceived ear-shattering roars from the audience.

Miles’ opening was additionally remarkable. They pennyless the wall of receptive to advice combined by the assembly with “Shey Kon Dorodia” with an up-tempo, as well as following it up with “Shesh Thikana”, “Kotota Tumi Haraley”, “Jala Jala” as well as the classical “Chand Tara Shurjo”, between others. Turjo’s drums piece for the single person literally dumbfounded the audience.

The prominence of the unison was LRB covering their groundbreaking numbers, songs which the rope had not achieved in the couple of years. The segueing from the single strain to another, guitar solos in any number, enlarged instrumentals, as well as Bachchu’s initial guitar clearly confident thousands of stone lovers. The rope began with “Hastey Dekho Gaite Dekho”. LRB hits — “Mon Chaile Mon”, “Hawker”, “Adda” as well as “Meye” — had the assembly entertaining as well as clapping for more. And the rope complied with. LRB had not achieved so most songs in the quarrel live in new years.

The absolute lights positioned during the back gave the theatre the singular look.

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