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Not a rich guy, Tasnuva Tisha wants a simple boy as husband

Actress Tasnuva Tisha came to limelight by the web series ‘August 14’ and at the same time also been criticized for bold scenes in the web series. However, that web series was a booster in her acting career.

In her personal life, she married few years ago. At first, she didn’t disclose that. They were divorced after four years. Currently, lives with her family along with her two kids.

Speaking about her single life, Tasnuva Tisha said, though I am fed up with single life but sometimes I feel living alone isn’t bad. She admitted, seeing other people’s wedding photos makes her think about marrying. But she wants to take time to avoid the wrong decision like before.

Tisha said, there is nothing wrong with marring and it’s not a matter that should be hidden. She said I want someone whom I can trust.

Tasnuva Tisha will wait for an indefinite period to get a guy who will understand her. Marriage is about understanding each other. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. She said I am not looking for a rich guy. I want a simple boy whose mentality matches with me and at the end of the day, we will understand each other.

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