Oil, Gas Committee program stopped by the administration

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National committee for safeguarding oil and gas is a citizen’s committee formed by some prominent personalities in Bangladesh. This committee believes that natural resources of Bangladesh should be explored by the local companies. If there are some technical limitations, the local companies should take foreign help. But if the foreign companies get the full contract, that goes against the national interest.

This committee also is an environmentalist group. They think impact on environment should also be considered. This is why they are opposing a proposed open pit coal mine project at Phulbari. They argue this project will have serious effect on environment.

The Bangladesh government is planning to setup a coal base power station near the Sunderbans. This 1,320 MW will be set up jointly by Bangladesh and India, As Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest of the world, the committee believes environment should be the first priority.

They planned to organize a protest rally from Gourambha Helaludddin Degree College at Fakirhat Upazila. But the administration imposed section 144, which banes any type of gathering.

Later the committee arranged an impromptu protest at Chulkathi Baza. Sheikh Muhammad Shahidullah, Anu Muhammad, Krishi Jami Rakkha, Sushanta Das spoke, among others. They demanded the cancellation of the project.

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