One fourth of Asian men are rapist

rapeA new survey by the United Nations reveals that one fourth men in the Asia Pacific region raped women in their life. This survey was conducted on more than ten thousand men aged between 18 to 49 in Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Violence is a reality for women in this region. Definition of rape is a disputed one. According to UN, forcing a woman for sex is rape; even she is wife of the perpetrator. Eleven percent men raped the women who are not their wife. But many raped their wife. Including this number the percentage becomes twenty four. Forty five percent of the rapist said, they raped more than one woman.

More than half of the men said, they raped when their age was within 12 to 15.

Papua New Guinea has the highest number of rapist, sixty two percent. In most of the cases rapists are not prosecuted.

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