One kills to another friend: illegal relation with wife

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Bivash Biswas and Shuvash Biswas they are two friends. They have very close friendship due to similarity of their name. For this sequence Shuvash went to Bivash home mostly. He makes an illegal relation with friend’s wife slowly. For this reason Shuvash killed his friend Bivash Biswas. The occurrence happened at west Bengal of India.
By the reference of Indian mass media, the relationship between Shuvash and Bivash’s wife. Bivash can’t understand first time. After some days he realize something is wrong. The both of friends involved debate and quarrel to each other several times for the reason.
Last Sunday morning Shuvash was sitting in a tea stall and Bivash reached there, then Shuvash shoot to Bivash from closely after that he escaped.
People brought him to Polashipara Grameen hospital and Doctor declared him death. Polashipara thana police have started investigation the case. Police is trying to arrest the guilty Shuvash.

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