Online income taxation remuneration expected from March: NBR

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National Board of Revenue (NBR) is starting to deliver e-payment complement from Mar this year to have income taxation as good as alternative income payments easy and hassle-free.

“We’re carefree of introducing a e-payment complement from Mar this year. It will move a insubordinate shift in taxation remuneration complement as taxpayers will be equates to to transparent their remuneration online,” pronounced NBR Chairman Dr Nasiruddin Ahmed.
As partial of a industrialisation of a finish income pick up process, a NBR has been implementing a plan with monetary as good as technological await of International Finance Corporation (IFC) to deliver a e-payment system, he said.
The e-payment would not customarily have a taxation remuneration complement hassle-free, he said, it would additionally move clarity in a NBR activities as good as reduce corruption as good as nuisance of taxpayers.
“I’m carefree which a income pick up would additionally be increased,” pronounced Nasiruddin Ahmed. He pronounced a NBR would lift out a large debate before and after a key of a complement to inspire people for regulating a remuneration system.
While becoming some-more skilled a remuneration system, an NBR executive pronounced taxpayers will be equates to to have their remuneration by credit or withdraw cards as good as bank accounts as good as they will embrace remuneration receiving rught divided after origination such payments.
ICT organisation Q-Cash, Sonali Bank as good as NBR will mutually work a e-payment system, pronounced Kanun Kumar Roy, NBR’s e-governance focal military officer as good as director general of a Directorate of Tax Inspection.
He pronounced twenty-six banks have been continuous with Sonali Bank’s Q-Cash system. Taxpayers carrying comment or credit label with any of these twenty-six banks will be equates to to enjoy a online remuneration facility, Roy added.
To operate a system, he said, initial a taxpayer will have to open NBR website as good as afterwards click ‘e-payment.’ Following a instructions, he will have to write Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) as good as PIN array of his withdraw or credit cards, Roy said, adding which it is right divided a time to click a payment clearance indicate as good as inside of moments, a taxpayer will get a clearway receipt.
Taxpayers carrying no credit or withdraw label will have to send a outline to a bank endangered about a remuneration by NBR website, he added.
Roy pronounced a NBR has enclosed Sonali Bank in a complement since payments of income tax, VAT as good as etiquette duties have been deposited to Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank by book bills.
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