Overcoming brain drain for a prosperous future

Overcoming brain drain for a prosperous future

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Bangladesh continues to produce impressive talents in its secondary education sector. From Physics Olympiads to economics competitions and excelling in international astrophysics competitions, Bangladeshi students consistently earn recognition throughout the year. However, when the time comes to convert this potential into practical contribution, many of these talented individuals become assets to other countries as immigrants. This phenomenon is not limited to graduate students; This also leads to the loss of established intellectual property, which seeks higher education opportunities such as MBA abroad and often choose to settle there.

According to 2021 data from the World Bank, Bangladesh’s human capital flight rate is rated 7.00 on a scale of 10.00. Furthermore, Bangladesh ranks 31st out of 173 countries facing significant brain drain, with 82% of youth choosing to migrate abroad due to the availability of better living standards.

About 13 million Bangladeshis live abroad, and this number is continuously increasing. Among them, many are actively contributing to foreign economies as decision-makers, analysts and professionals in various fields that can be of great importance to their home countries. This leads us to question: Why are they leaving? Why are 250,000 foreign professionals filling the posts in our country when we produce many talented engineers, doctors, business analysts and professionals in various fields? Why are they choosing to contribute to other countries instead of their own?

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