Lailat-ul-Qadr – The night of Power

The night, the few hours between Maghrib to fajr, which is more valuable than a 1000 months, more valuable than 83 years and 4 months. In which a donation worth $1 on that night would be more valuable than donating $1 for every day for 30,000 days! The night in which the book of guidance […]

BSF man acquitted in Felani trail

Member of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Amiyo Ghosh, charged with Bangladeshi girl Felani’s murder, has been acquitted in the revision trail. The General Security Forces Court (GSFC) of India on Thursday has upheld the previous verdict, found Ghosh not guilty on the charge of killing Felani,reports BBC Bangla, An officer said, he was […]

Why Aflex-Jenifar breaked up

Markin actor Ben Aflex and actress Jenifar Garnar declared divorce at 30 June a day after their marriage ceremony. They got married at 29 June in 2005.They have three children named Violate,Sefarina,Shemual. Relation between Jenifar Lopej and Ben and addiction are mainly responsible for this break up. But they will keep their friendship for the […]

Apparel industry remain open at 11 July

Central bank issued a propaganda to remain open the listed bank of the apparel industry areas on 19 July at Saturday so that they can pay the salary,bonus and others to the workers. These area includes Dhaka,Ashuliya,Tongi,Gazipur,Shavar,Narayangonj and Chittagong. Suggestion is given for the request of BGME ,also said in the propaganda.

Extreme heat affected many country

There are too much heat in some countries of Asia and Europe.Many more country may be the sufferer of extreme heat, said FFP. UN started to prepare a directory to reduce health threat. WHO and WMO said ,the intense of heat will be increased and continued.It is for human created climate change. UN advised to […]

Gold bars of 55 lacks seized at Shahjalal Airport

Customs officials of the Shahjalal International Airport have recovered gold bars weighing 1.15  kg.from three passengers coming from Riyad,Soudi Arab.It valued 55 lack taka. Customs officials recovered 6 gold bars and 56 gram ornaments from Sheraj Mia and Shohidul Islam ,assistant commissioner Al – Amin said. 3 gold bars and 412 gram gold are seized […]

Teesta river crosses danger mark

The teesta river is flowing above danger level due to extreme rainfall and surge of upstream water from the hills.Baishpukur,Kisamat Chhantnai,East Chhatnai Jhar,shingeswar,Bagher Char,Tabur Char,Bhendabarhi,Chhatunama,haldibarhi,Ekatar Char,Bhashanir Char and Kisamater Char under Dimla Upazila had inundated.Several parts of Jaldhaka’s Golmunda,Dauabarhi, Shoulmari Chargram had also been Submerged. Nilphamari Water Development Board’s Daila Division Executive Engineer Mostafizur Rahman […]

Nayakraj Razzak in life support

Nayakraj Razzak is in ICU in the United Hospital admitted at 26 June. He is suffering from respiratory and lung problems, his family confirmed. His two sons Bapparaj and Shomrat is Looking after him. His colleagues called to his sons. Some came to the hospital.

Motionless authority of roads and bridges

The development of roads and bridges are running. With the starting of rainy season, it seems to be speed up. Are public be benefited or not is a question. Construction of flyover and highways are running very slowly. Construction is started in the localities. People can’t go out of home. Since all the roads of […]

Some ways to speed up Wi-Fi

Low speed of Wi-Fi is a common problem to everyone.Whatever one can escape from this problem very easily. Here are some ways to speed up Wi-Fi : Change the location of Router Located Router in the right place is an easy way to speed up Wi-Fi. In maximum case, router is located adjacent to the […]

The more the late, the more the harm

Three wagon carrying fuel fell into canal from Chittagong Bridge on 19 June with the oil seeping started into waters. The trains were carrying wagon loaded with fuel Dohazari Power Plant. The ramshackle bridge near Gumdandi station located in Boakhali upazila collapsed when the train was on the way to Dohazari.Furnace oil is started seeping […]

Branjelina”s break up rumor

Long tie affair of Angelina Joli and Brode Peter resulted into marriage. But after one year its turned into divorce. A Markin newspaper said they got married in 2014.Problems created at the beginning. They cant tolerate each other. Brode said “everything end”. But the newspaper also said they will declare divorce at December. But their […]

Mass extinguisher: Earth returns to 66 million year

Dinosaurs were extinguished 66 years ago in 5th “Mass Extinguishing” period. Now the 7th addition.running, scientists said. Scientists Princeon, Barkley, Stanford from Markin university published a journal “Science Advance”. They said the rate of extinguisher is more than 100 times compared to past which is relevant to the extinguisher of Dinosaur. They thought the earth […]

Hatia trawler capsize kills 3 fisherman

Three fishermen drawn to death when a trawler sank in the Meghna River near Hatia upazila of Noakhali on Saturday early morning. The deceased are Jamal Uddin(35),Abdul Motin (22),Rakib Uddin (15).The trawler owner Shafiul Alam Majhi said ten fisherman went to the river to catch fish at the dead of the night. The trawler sank […]

Price doubled at retail market

Price rises indiscriminately at Khulna. Khulna city Corporation took 11 steps to make the price stable. They decided to keep the difference of retail and wholesale price between 5tk to 7 tk. But in reality it is 10 to 35tk in market. Price differs from market  to market. Even price differs in the same market. […]