Pakistan's elections cannot be compared with Bangladesh's.

Pakistan’s elections cannot be compared with Bangladesh’s.

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The Chief Election Commissioner did not stop here. He praised the elections held in Pakistan. He said that there has been excellent participation in Pakistan elections. In fact, he can be thanked for admitting that the election he conducted lacked legitimacy and acceptability. However, it must also be reiterated that he cannot escape the responsibility of failure.

It is not just Chief Election Commissioner Qazi Habibul Awal who has drawn comparisons with Pakistan elections. Many political analysts made the comparison. They see the founder of Pakistan’s PTI, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, as no less than a hero. Amidst all kinds of trials and difficulties, standing against the US and the military, he kept his party in the electoral fray. While his followers were unable to contest elections as part of the party, they achieved sensational success by contesting elections as independent candidates.

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