Paresh Barua denies ULFA’s involvement with Pakistan.

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United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) is fighting against the Indian government for

independence, the ULFA leaders think Asom should be separated from India, because Asom is

deprived by the Indian government.

Indian government and intelligence agencies has long bee accusing Pakistan and Bangladeshi

intelligence agencies that they are helping ULFA with arms and training.
Which both of the countries have always denied.

It seems now the Indian government is little successful in dividing ULFA. A faction of ULFA

is interested to negotiate with the Indian government now. Few days ago that faction leader

ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa told that ULFA got arms from Pakistan and that arms came via

Bangladesh, Bangladeshi intelligence agencies also supported them.

Now the ULFA commander-in-chief Paresh Barua says that is not true. He says there is

ideological difference between ULFA and Pakistanis, that they will never take help from the

religious fundamentalists. This type of lie is only to defame ULFA.

It is well known that every intelligence agencies are involved in some covert activities;

Indian agencies helped Bangladeshis in 1971 and destroyed those documents after the war,

because they feared that these documents may reveal their illegal activities. The Indian

agencies also helped Sri Lankan Tamil fighters, Bangladeshi Shanti Bahini lead by Santu

larma, now there is allegation that the Indian agencies are now helping some Baluchis

fighters in Pakistan.

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