Peanuts, Herbs May Have Positive Effects on the Gut Microbiome

Peanuts, Herbs May Have Positive Effects on the Gut Microbiome

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For the peanut study, published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Kris-Etherton and colleagues compared the effects of snacking 28 grams (about 1 ounce) of peanuts per day to those of a high-carbohydrate snack — crackers and cheese.

At the end of six weeks, the participants who ate the peanut breakfast showed an abundance of Ruminococcaceae, a group of bacteria associated with healthy liver metabolism and immune function.

In the Herbs and Spices study published in The Journal of Nutrition, scientists analyzed the effect of adding a mixture of herbs and spices — such as cinnamon, ginger, cumin, turmeric, rosemary, oregano, basil and thyme — to Flowers – diet of participants at risk of cardiovascular disease to control.

The team examined three dosages — about 1/8 teaspoon per day, a little more than 3/4 teaspoon per day and about 1 1/2 teaspoons per day.

At the end of four weeks, participants showed an increase in gut bacteria diversity, including an increase in Ruminococcaceae, especially with the medium and high doses of herbs and spices.

“It’s such a simple thing that people can do,” Kris-Etherton said.

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