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Performs surgery without any degree!

Mosharraf Hossain got his masters degree in philosophy from Jagannath college (now Jagannath University) in 1986. His father was also a fake doctor. He claimed himself as  a homeopathic doctor. Mosharraf Hossain claims that his father was an expert in piles, fistula and anal fissure and he (Mosharraf Hossain) learned many crucial thinks from his father.

His visiting fee was 500 taka like other doctors and he took 5,000 to 15,000 taka per surgery. He had three chambers and his manin chamber was only a few yards away from Dhaka Medical College. He managed a fake certificate on surgery from India. He was arrested only one time before in his 25 years of fake doctor life. Then he came out on bail and continued his illegal activities.

His average income is 10,000 taka per day. He has a daughter and son both of them are studying in private universities.

Finally a mobile court has arrested him. The court jailed him for three months and fined him for two lakh taka. Now let’s wait and see what he does after coming out of jail.

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