PM Hasina asks AL personnel to ensure people's right to vote

PM Hasina asks AL personnel to ensure people’s right to vote

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He directed his party people to get the thinking out of their minds that “Now that they (BNP) are not there, we will win, or what if we don’t get the seat? We will get the remaining seats and contest the elections.” Government.”

“This idea will bring disaster,” he said, “Therefore, the decision that will be given (by us) will have to be followed.”

Sheikh Hasina also urged her party leaders and workers to take people to their side and create resistance against the arsonists in every area in an organized manner.

“Now, you have to raise resistance against these arsonists not only in Dhaka city but in every area,” he said.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister asked his party men to protect public life and property by finding out the culprits behind the arson violence and handing them over to them (law enforcers).

He said, “If they (BNP-Jamaat) do such arson violence at any place, you have to find out how many BNP or Jamaat people are there (who are behind it) and arrest them (law enforcers).” Must be handed over.”

He said it is his party’s responsibility to ensure the safety of public life and property so that they are not harmed.

He said, “We have nothing. We have no guide (Murobbi). We have people from Bangladesh. We have to move forward taking them with us.”

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