PM opposes caretaker system

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Although Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave her perspective opposite a non-party caretaker supervision following a High Court visualisation though she wants to keep a complement for an additional dual conditions formed upon consensus.

Hasina done her regard during a assembly with a parliamentary special cabinet upon constitution legislative addition during her bureau in Sangsad Bhaban Monday afternoon.

The assembly that lasted for over 3 hours from 4:00pm discussed a due amendments to a constitution following scrapping of a 5th as good as a 7th legislative addition by a HC.

On a command request to opposite a non-party caretaker government, a Supreme Court not prolonged ago spoken bootleg a inherent sustenance of a caretaker supervision though celebrated that successive dual ubiquitous elections competence be reason underneath a complement for a reserve of a state, confidence of a people as good as to equivocate disorder.

The special cabinet co-chaired by Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury as good as Suranjit Sengupta noticed that a complement of a caretaker supervision be scrapped.

“I reason a same opinion…If you keep this complement in force, a subject competence be lifted again about a justice order,” Hasina was quoted by insiders of a assembly as saying.

The budding minister, however, said, “We will not do divided (scrap) a complement alone.” She pronounced if BNP gives a perspective to a special cabinet about it, a caretaker complement could be kept in force for an additional dual conditions upon a basement of a consensus.

Suranjit is expected to spell out a supervision upon all sides about a have a difference during a press contention upon Tuesday.

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