Police can arrest people without warrant

cyber-crimeAmendment of the information and communication technology act is passed in the national parliament yesterday. This law will be effective after president’s signature and gazette notification.

This law was originally enacted in 2006. That law had provision of maximum ten years of imprisonment. But the newly amended law has provision of maximum fourteen years of imprisonment and it empowers police to arrest alleged or suspected cyber criminal without warrant. This law has declared cyber crime as non bailable offense. Minimum sentence of cyber crime under the law is seven years of imprisonment. So if allegation is brought against someone s/he has to wait till the ending of the trial to be freed.

According to the previous law police needed permission from home ministry to file cases under information and communication technology act and information and communication technology related crime was considered as bailable offense. Now police can file cases under information and communication technology act and no permission from the home ministry is required.

The government is arguing that it was needed to tackle the recent trend of cyber crime.

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