Police will not face 'image crisis' due to US visa policy: IGP

Police will not face ‘image crisis’ due to US visa policy: IGP

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When attention was drawn to recent events, such as the death of 52-year-old legal consultant Bhuban Chandra Sheel, who was publicly shot by terrorists on the streets of Dhaka, and a police robbery at a bank, Chaudhry Abdullah Al Mamun’s Reaction was expressed. He said, “Whenever any incident occurs, we take immediate action. If any member of the police is involved, we do not give them immunity either. We investigate each incident thoroughly and take appropriate action. ”

Regarding the law and order situation in the country, the IGP said it is completely under control, and stressed on a zero-tolerance approach towards terrorists. He said, “Whoever the terrorists are, we are not sparing anyone.”

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