Pooja Cherry always tries to do something 'surprising'

Pooja Cherry always tries to do something ‘surprising’

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prothom hello,

You have been associated with films since childhood. Starting out as a child actor, you transformed into an actress and gave remarkable performances one after another. According to many people, Pooja is not only a talented dancer but also a skilled actor. Despite these features, the number of projects you launch is relatively low. Why so?

Actually, I do not believe in quantity, rather I believe in quality. I have seen better people working like this. He emphasized quality rather than quantity. If you want to increase the number of work, you can do so easily.

But, I will increase the number of work only if it is a good project. I am selective about the projects I take up because I want to maintain a positive reputation and image. Throughout my career, I have continually sought meaningful projects, and I am currently engaged in discussions regarding some promising opportunities.

prothom hello,

What is your definition of good work?

Today’s audience is much more intelligent. They are addicted to watching movies and OTT content from different countries around the world. For me, good work means a good director, a good co-star and a good script.

Pooja Cherry
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