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Pornography; a new thereat to society here.

Whole world is suffering for pornography, it is like drug addiction. An addicted person can’t avoid this. This may start in puberty and continued through young. Even girls are becoming addicted.

Since technology has improved, pornography is readily available almost every where. Internet is a big supplier of pornography, where porn industries around the world are booming in spite of global financial recession.

Experts are divided whether pornography is harmful or a safe fun. But most experts believe pornography is harmful for physical and psychological health, it creates a distorted view of women. Some experts say, pornography is also a reason of sexual harassment of women and increased rate of sexual violence against women.

It is possible to cure from porn addiction. Problem is many even don’t consider it as a problem. In Bangladesh pornography is outlawed, but since there is no implementation, many porn web sites are accessible here and CDs are available in roadside stalls in front law enforcing agencies.

It recent months many young students and actress suffered different video scandals and in most of the cases perpetrators were out of rich.

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