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Porshi Scandal | Porshi video true?

One more video scandal, one more rumour in media. This time the victim is young singer Porshi. Celebrity scandal video is being continued in a good speed. One more scandal video has been published in different websites. A lot of discussion has been raised, when the celebrity scandal disclosed in the freely through online. In this tradition the first scandal involve Bangaldeshi TV actress and interpreter Prova, Nadira Nasim Chaity and some others.

We have found a video where a girl is seen in nude body who looks like Bangladeshi Teen age singer Porshi. All the celebrity are adult but now Bangladeshi media see the scandal of teenager singer Porshi. In the previous scandal tape the video quality was rough and in some case their face was not clearly visible but in case of Porshi this type of problem is almost absent. In the video she is free and willingly expose her body. Not only that she is also free with her male mate in the video. Such type of tape really provide a bad signal in the Bangladeshi media.

Some People are saying, this is fake. Some people are saying this is Porshi. So, everything is very confusing. Anything can be possible. It may be Porshi, it may not be Porshi too.

But,  we are still confused about the video. The girl’s face looks like Porshi. But it can also be a conspiracy through using technology. If it is not Porshi, it is good for her. If it is really Porshi, it would be a devastation of her career.
Now the ultimate question is: Is Porshi scandal video true?
Courtesy: http://hiddenbdscandle.blogspot.com/2011/09/bangla-singer-porshi-scandle-video.html and http://dhakawap.com
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