Power connection from 27 September with India

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powerPower connection to our national grid with India starts from 27 September. Initially, 50 megawatts of electricity will be imported from Indian government. The import will be increased gradually to 250 megawatts by October.

Prime-minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to inaugurate formally on 5 October. The inauguration will be at Veramara sub-station grid through video conference with Indian Prime Minister Monmohon Singh.

Another 250 megawatts of electricity will be added to national grid from private power house named Power Trading Company.

Prices will be approximately Taka 5 and Taka 6.34 per kilowatt-hour unit respectively from Indian government and private sector of India. On average per unit cost will be less than Taka 6. About 27 kilometers of transmission line has been installed in Bangladesh out of 97 km.

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