'Pretty much alive', Costa Rica kept faith, says coach

‘Pretty much alive’, Costa Rica kept faith, says coach

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“Yes, we won against Japan, but we must emphasize that we won against this (special) national team of Japan. They have been playing very well during this World Cup and that is something that is very much appreciated.” should be done.”

Japan had an impressive 2–1 victory over Germany and were expected to beat a Costa Rican team that had been thrashed 7–0 by Spain in their first match.

“We didn’t die yesterday and we are still alive to a great extent and we have to think about the next match on Thursday,” Suarez said.

“We have to play (against Germany) with the same pressure as in the last two games. But we are alive, nobody can forget us yet – we can still dream.”

However, the win over Japan did not completely erase the pain of their poor start.

“We knew about what happened against Spain,” the coach continued.

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