Prime Minister's Munich Summit: Strengthening ties with European leaders

Prime Minister’s Munich Summit: Strengthening ties with European leaders

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External Affairs Ministry officials told this correspondent that the theme of this year’s Munich Security Conference revolves around four main issues. These include global security challenges, international structures, regional conflicts and the importance of Europe in the world.

Under global security challenges, the discussion will include topics like climate security, technological security and conflict in Myanmar. The conference will also discuss peacekeeping operations and geopolitics in the context of the international framework.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the situation in the Middle East and geopolitics will be examined as part of the discussion on regional conflicts. Additionally, the conference will examine the role and importance of Europe in the global arena.

A senior diplomat said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to address the Munich Security Conference on February 16. His speech will mainly focus on climate security and the financing needed to reduce the risks associated with climate change.

Regarding the Munich Security Conference, the External Affairs Minister commented, “The Rohingyas pose a security threat to our country. Additionally, the ongoing issues in Myanmar pose a regional security risk. There will be various discussions, and the Rohingya issue Maybe addressed during the conference.”

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