Problems of private university

According to the Association of Private Universities of Bangladesh ,it would not be possible for them to move to their permanent campuses if they are not allowed to enroll new students after September 2011. They disclosed the matter on Tuesday while briefing a press conference.

Earlier the education minister Nurul Islam Nahid’s warning on December 12, 2010 that private universities failing to go to their respective permanent campuses by the stipulated time of five years would not be allowed to enroll new students after September 2011.

They would also not be permitted to publish advertisements for student admissions, Nahid had told a press briefing at the secretariat.

Also there have long been discussions on private universities and their quality of education. There are many private universities which are located on busy commercial or residential areas, many on top of shopping centres.

Out of the 51 private universities, 41 have failed to meet the conditions on which they were given temporary permission and only eight of them have shifted to their own campuses. Some 22 have not yet taken any move although they had been expanding their activities.

At Tuesday’s press conference, the private university owners said the minister’s statement proved that the education ministry wants to stop the academic activities of the private universities which, they said was not acceptable to the association.

They demanded withdrawal of the minister’s statement and termed the Private University Act 2010 as a blueprint of the education ministry and the University Grant Commission

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