Prova and Rajib scandal becoming a dusty matter in Bangladesh | Bangladeshi Actress fallen in video trap

Popular Bangladeshi actress Prova has been fallen in a porno video trap. Prova and Rajib scandal is becoming more and more discussed matter in last few days. Prova got married with another popular Bangladeshi actor Apurbo few days ago. But, Prova had a deep relationship with Rajib for a long time. A hot core video was taken when Prova and Rajib was in a sexual activities. One of Bangladeshi Daily newspaper published this news last Friday. Then whole Bangladesh has become a place of gossip. This video was uploaded in different websites. Different forums site got great responses about this issue.

Part 2 of Prova and Rajib Scandal

Part 3 of Prova and Rajib Scandal

Part 4 of Prova and Rajib Scandal

Part 5 of Prova and Rajib scandal

Prova’s Exclusive Interview : updated in 29.09.2010

Bangladeshi Sex Workers part 1

Bangladeshi sex workers life: part 2

Bangladeshi sex workers life: part 3

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22 thoughts on “Prova and Rajib scandal becoming a dusty matter in Bangladesh | Bangladeshi Actress fallen in video trap

  1. shumdor sundor…

  2. onk sundor

  3. I like this video.

  4. Priva and Rajib Full, Enjoy

  5. I am shocked to see this video. I believed she was a innocent girl. Now it seems she has done this many times with Rajib. I really feel sorry for Apurbo. I have also doubt that Apurbo knew about this before getting married. He is also a playboy actor.

    You can find the infamous video here:

  6. Dear, Sorry to say we are not share prova & Rajib’s video link. so please not keep video link in comment section. thanks for love DhakaNews.INFO

  7. good

  8. its not a matter a boyfriend and girlfriend couple what ever they can do before and everybody is doing that, maximum girl they have boyfriend before marry and they becam closer with them. but its very bad when it come infront of everybodys eyes, exactly a famous people can be more famous if his sexual video published, and also razib also so stupid and he tried to blackmail to prova, and prova also great stupid coz she let him to make video when she was makin sex with him,

    so at last before marry ask your wife do you have any problem like that,?????????????


  9. Prova j ato boro akta maagi age bujhi nai meyetake khub valo lagto amar kache

  10. lOVE IS GOOD. But this way is vary bad.

  11. jara khub innocent dekhai,tarai amon kharap kaj kore berai.actress ra kharap,ta jantam but atota nillojjo ta jantamna..thanks to prova,akhonta jene gelam…

  12. good your open breast.

  13. what is the decision of OPURBO about PROVA ?????????????????????????

  14. Rajib is a stupid.