Prova and Rajib Scandal: Part 3| business with prova’s Video

Prova and Rajib scandal is one of the much talked issue in Bangladesh. There are a lot of talks about Prova and Rajib’s sex scandal video. In one scene of the video a gent’s voice said, “If I can sell this video, we can earn 1/1.5 lakh taka. So, it is suspected that everything was done intentionally. So, the media loving people and government can take some steps to stop this kind of business. People loves these models and actress like Prova. But they get frustrated after seeing the naked video of their favorite stars. I have talked with a Prova’s fan named Rownok.  He said that he is very much disappointed after watching this video. He said, “I would not mind even if it was my close friend. I like Prova so much as a good actress. We have a soft place in our mind for these people. I still can not believe that this is really a Prova’s video”. Another fan named Kawsar said, “I will never watch her work in the next time. I liked her so much. But after watching her naked body I hate her now.”

So, it is time to think about the difference between Fame and money. Superstars should take some kind of liabilities for their fan.

Part 1 of prova and rajib scandal

Part 2 of Prova and Rajib Scandal

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  1. acrually she is PROVA??

  2. a bengali can do this

  3. Oporad korle tar saja pete hoy.