“Prova told lie”-Apurbo | Prova and Rajib scandal: part 7

Yesterday, Prova complained about Apurbo and Rajib to destroy her life. Just 1 day after her statement, Apurbo talked with media too. Prova’s ex-Husband Apurbo said, “Prova said everything wrong.” He said, “I was quiet right from the beginning. I was attacked by a lot of questions. But did not say anything. Because, I wanted her well.” He claimed that, “I am just sinking into my work. But she does not want it. So, she is muddling about my image. I wanted to live with her whole life. But situation did not allow me to do that. I can guaranty you that any other man would also have done that as like me. I better took more time than others to take such a decision like divorce.” But Apurbo said, “I will speak some more secret information very soon.”

Wait for the next Episode………

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Source: Bangladesh Pratidin, 24-02-2011, Page: 1 and 11.

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