Random parking goes unabated

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Random parking upon roads has turn a robe of city motorists as they really great know which nobody would pull divided their poorly parked vehicles. At worst, they will have to compensate a favoured fine.

Also, traffic crew sojourn bustling mostly with progressing signals during intersections, instead of preventing bootleg parking which worsens traffic jam. And miss of automobile parks has compounded a problem.

Mahbubur Rahman, corner organisation executive of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, pronounced for bootleg parking a existent law allows officials usually to levy a Tk 200 fine, which a automobile owners caring little.

The automobile owners have been worried usually when their altered vehicles have been towed away, he observed.

But a shorthanded DMP traffic wing has usually 4 pull trucks, dual of which have been for VIP duties, he added.

Against this backdrop, a DMP organisation is starting to rivet in isolation companies in towing operation, as great as due a organisation enlarge excellent as great as towing charge.

Mahbubur Rahman said, “Recently you have sent a suggest to aloft authorities for shopping of 50 some-more wreckers [or pull trucks], as great as requested them to enlarge excellent as great as towing charge.”

According to a proposal, half of a towing assign will be sent to a organisation exchequer as great as a in isolation association endangered will embrace a rest. However, a excellent income will not be shared.

“At present, you operate wreckers usually to emanate be scared in in between those who have parked illegally. If a single automobile is towed divided from an area, a rest rught divided get diluted to equivocate towing,” he said.

However, opposite points of roads clogged with parked vehicles interrupting traffic movements is an bland spectacle.

From Banglamotor to Moghbazar as great as from Mouchak to Moghbazar, vehicles have been seen parked upon possibly side of a road, occupying during slightest two-thirds space.

In front of high-rise blurb operation establishments identical to Siam Tower, Singapore Plaza as great as Kushal Centre in Uttara, four-wheelers sojourn parked withdrawal no room for pick vehicles.

DMP sources pronounced around 3,600 crew of a traffic wing generally carry out traffic transformation during intersections as great as they have small time to take movement opposite bootleg parking during pick places.

Contacted upon May 4, a traffic executive deployed during Moghbazar intersection, preferring anonymity, said, “We, 5 traffic personnel, have been deployed during a intersections for progressing vigilance as great as a traffic sergeant guard a area.”

If any of them leaves a intersection for a while, there creates disharmony heading to accidents. So, he argues, it is utterly unfit for them to check bootleg parking divided from a intersections.

A DMP tall executive pronounced a traffic dialect has conjunction competent manpower nor a logistics to lessen a parking woes.

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) sources pronounced due to miss of staff they unsuccessful to safeguard parking space during a little buildings as per Rajuk authorized plan.

In many cases, upon execution of a highrises, a owners have built blurb centres upon destined towards parking spaces as great as during basements.

Aminur Rahman, certified official-1 of Rajuk, referring to roughly all a buildings upon Sonargaon Road during Kataban, pronounced a series of shops have been set up during a parking spaces whilst a basements have been being used as storerooms.

As per a latest National Building Act of 2008, Rajuk has to emanate occupancy certificates to a owners after inspecting parking organisation of a buildings.

No structure owners is ostensible to get any application use tie though obtaining a certificate, Aminur added.

Had a authorities endangered taken stairs as per a law, many city roads would be giveaway from bootleg parking, he added.

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