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Rangpur interns upon strike

nterns during Rangpur Medical College as great as Hospital (RMCH) upon Monday night went upon work abstention perfectionist reserve as great as security.

The work blocking was enforced as the organization of outsiders assaulted Dr Al Mamun, an novice of the hospital, upon Saturday.

The interns demanded detain as great as low mark of the culprits as great as environment up of the proxy military stay inside the hospital.

They hold the assembly with Dr Toufiqul Islam, executive of the sanatorium yesterday morning. The executive requested them to repel the set upon though to no effect.

The interns pronounced they will go upon the set upon compartment their last have been met.

Dr Sanjoy Kumar Roy, ubiquitous cabinet member of Intern Doctors Association of Rangpur Medical College as great as Hospital said, the array of outsiders led by HM Morshed, son of Dr Delwar Hossain of Munshipara assaulted Al Mamun after he liberated the studious from surgical section of the hospital.

According to Sanjoy, Morshed longed for to keep the studious during the sanatorium for dual weeks more.

Dr MA Kaium, in-charge of surgical section told this compare which the studious was marinated as great as so he was released.

Morshed as great as his organisation pounded Dr Mamun as they did not find me during the ward, he added.

Asked, Dr Kaium said, “Morshed essentially forced them to keep the studious during the sanatorium to get the obligation of disgusting injury. For this obligation the studious needs to stay during sanatorium for during slightest twenty-one days.”

Meanwhile, the sufferings of patients during the sanatorium mounted as the novice doctors did not come to offer them, sanatorium sources said.

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