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Rape as weapon of war; used by the Indian army.

Fresh new allegation of rape has risen against two Indian security personnel in the Indian

administrated Kashmir. A 25 year old married woman alleged that she was abducted and raped

by two Indian army personnel.

This new incident created tension in the revolt hit region. Several Kashmiri groups fighting

for independence called strike demanding independent and impartial probe by human rights

groups. Yesterdays strike paralyzed Kashmir valley; shops, business establishments and

educational institutions in the Valley remained closed. Attendance in government offices was

thin due to non-availability of public transport.

Earlier police released a CD containing the medical report of the victim and her statement

which was criticized by various human rights organizations, because it’s unethical to

disclose a rape victim’s identity publicly.

In India security forces enjoy a controversial special indemnity, that they can’t be

prosecuted or questioned on any human right violation case. A Kashmiri Independence movement

leader said, Indian army is using rape as weapon of war.

Kashmir dispute triggered war between Indian and Pakistan three times, now many Kashmiris

regard independence as the solution of their problem. India-Pakistan border is one of the

highly militarized borders in the world.

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