Ratargul, finest swamp forest of Bangladesh

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RatargulSwamp forest is the forest which is submerged under water for some periods of year or always submerged under water. Ratargul is that type of forest. In the rainy season this forest is submerged under twenty to thirty feet water. Rest of ther yeara this forest is submerged under about ten feet water.

This forest is situated in Fotehpur union of Gowainghat Upazila under Sylhet district. Its beauty flourishes during the rainy season. It is habitat for some rare flora and fauna. Its green shrubs and fresh water are the main attraction for the tourists.

But its beauty has been a concern for the environmentalists. Thousands of tourists are visiting ratagul by country boat. Some young tourists visiting the forest are making noise, singing, beating drums, throwing human waste, food packet and even disturbing the animals of the forest for enjoyment.

Bangladesh had more swamp forests in that area. But those are almost destroyed. Now environmentalists are emphasizing on keeping the natural environment of the forest and regulating tourists. They say, government should not take any project which changes the forest.

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