Recent corruption scandals have damaged govt's image: Ex-chief in spotlight

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The US has imposed sanctions against former army chief General Aziz Ahmed (retired) under section 7032 (c) of the relevant law. The word 'kleptocracy' has been used in this section of the law. It means that there is scope for corruption in politics and society. He took advantage of this scope and joined the ranks of corrupt people. If action had been taken when Qatar-based media outlet Al-Jazeera aired a documentary on this former army chief, then perhaps the matter would not have gone so far. Now that the sanctions have been imposed, there is no point in criticizing him.

The government should also be held responsible for this incident. But the institutions of which they are the head are not responsible for these incidents. After all, when they were the head, they used to run the institutions. Therefore, these incidents are their personal doings.

After the murder of MP Anwarul Azim in Kolkata, allegations of smuggling have surfaced. Actually, the post of MP has been made so attractive that the situation is continuously deteriorating. I will not name any one party. All parties are responsible in this matter. The question that should arise is how closely candidates are scrutinized before they are nominated for elections.

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