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Remembering a independent as well as mystic

Veteran residence house residence painter SM Sultan was innate in 1923 in Masimdia, Narail district. After customarily 5 years of drill in Victoria Collegiate School in Narail, he assimilated his father to work as a mason. Sultan went to Kolkata in 1938 with monetary await from a internal landlords.

Today outlines a 88th bieing born anniversary of SM Sultan.

A independent as well as mystic, Sultan functions plunged low in to farming life, generally peasants, fishermen, day labourers as well as their elementary lives. His functions clear a clever summary for deprived people in a society. A series of his paintings etch farmers bustling harvesting or ploughing a margin with cows. Tiny houses as well as villages have been additionally seen in a paintings. Sultan was especially recognized for his work of art of farming beauty, villagers, peasants –their struggles as well as approach of life. The tellurian forms have been strong as well as absolute as well as paint a tough operative people of a countryside.

Samarjit Roy Chowdhury said, “Sultan was not customarily a globally eminent artist yet additionally a humanitarian in his internal district Narail. When you was certified to Dhaka Art College (now Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka) in 1955, a college was in Segun Bagicha as well as Sultan lived in a small room during a behind of a college. He often visited a institute. He regularly had a shriek with him. He was a bohemian. One day, surprisingly, he came to a college in a white sari. In a ’50s as well as ’60s, you came opposite many articles upon him in multiform English newspapers as well as journals published from West Pakistan. He had a singular capability to fast turn a centre of courtesy during any amicable as well as informative gathering.”

Abdus Shakoor Shah said, “On a initial demeanour during Sultan’s artworks, a single gets a sense of energy as well as strength. His board is large, similar to a theatre where life’s dramas have been played out. The residence house residence painter portrayed a same tellurian sum which symbolically indicate a probability of a mental condition rsther than than reality.”

Sultan won a Ekushey Padak, Swadhinata Padak,Bangladesh Charu Shilpi Sangsad endowment as well as alternative prestigious awards.

The master residence house residence painter died in 1994.

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