Resistance against ban on BNP: Zainul Abedin's opinion on the current political scenario

Resistance against ban on BNP: Zainul Abedin’s opinion on the current political scenario

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Do you feel there is a risk of top BNP leaders being blamed for this trend?

The government’s first goal was to divide the BNP. They have completely failed in that step. Now they can try to blame top leaders. A government minister himself said in an interview that BNP leaders would be released if the party participated in the elections. The government will try to take revenge if BNP does not participate in the elections. But this will not be acceptable to the people.

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BNP is running a movement demanding the resignation of the government. Ignoring this, Awami League is close to holding elections. Do you see any hope regarding your demand?

Our demand has become the demand of the people. People are vocal for voting rights. Meanwhile, this election has been established as a seat sharing election. This has now become an election of declaration. Since, on the day of withdrawal of nomination papers, it has been decided how many seats will be given to 14 parties including Awami League, Jatiya Party. There is no need to vote.

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What is the future of BNP movement if elections are held?

This is not a movement of BNP alone. This has been a movement of the common people. The public will decide the future strategy.

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