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Restore order and comfort in public transport

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Earlier on September 22 last year, four transport companies had started e-ticketing on a trial basis. This advanced system of fare collection was first implemented when on November 13 last year, buses of 30 companies of Mirpur zone came under e-ticketing.

Problems do arise when any new system is implemented and e-ticketing was no exception. Initially many passengers wanted to pay the old way, were not ready to take e-tickets.

At some places the POS machine was faulty and at other places there were complaints of overcharging. But overall passengers welcomed e-ticketing. Speaking to Prothom Alo, a passenger said, many buses in the past had no ticketing system at all and supervisors used to collect fares at will. This is no longer possible with e-ticketing.

Till now the method of fare collection had become a cause of trouble for the passengers. There are frequent arguments and clashes between passengers and bus staff over fares. In this city of traffic jams, it is necessary to bring order in the public transport system.

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