Rich Footballer of the world: David Beckham | Rich football club: Manchester United

David Beckham has been named as the worlds richest footballer. He earns 40 million US dollars per year. Christiana Ronaldo has become second richest footballer. His earning is 380 million US dollar in a year. Messi earns 32 million, Kaka earns 25 million, Ronaldinho earns 24 million, Thiery Henry earns 21 million, Owen Rooni earns 20 million, Lampard earns 17 million, Ibrahimobich earns 17 million and Samuel Eto earns 15 million US dollars per year.


On the other hand, Manchester United has become highest earning football club of the world. Its earning is 1864 million US Dollars per year. Other highest earning clubs are as below:


2. Real Madrid: 1451 million USD

3. Arsenal: 1192 million USD

4. Brian Munith: 1048 million USD

5. Barcelona: 9750 Million USD

6. AC Millan: 8380 million USD

7. Chelsea: 6580 million USD

8. Juventas: 6280 million USD

9. Liverpool: 5520 million USD

10. Inter millan: 4410 million USD


Source: Daily Prothom Alo, 22-04-11



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