Rising house rent protested. Part-II

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Tenants of old Dhaka organized a procession yesterday protesting recent rise in house rent, I tried to know in detail what the real problem is.

In many cases lower and middle income people have to spend more than half of their monthly income for their house rent. There is another interesting analysis, lower income people pay more than upper middle class for their house rent, and this calculation is based on per square feet basis. Lower income people usually stay in a small room but upper middle class live in a house or flat with several rooms, drawing and dining room. Today most of the landlords demand advance money which range from 10,000 tk to 1 or 2 lakh tk, by the process they enjoy bank interest of that money.

Tenants of old Dhaka organized a procession yesterday, they started from south gate of Jagannath University and after marching several streets their procession ended at the starting point. They criticized government’s inaction in this matter, demanded implementation of house-rent regulation. Many analysts say house rent hike is a reason for corruption, because it’s difficult to bear expense for an honest man where prices of all the commodities are rising rapidly and house rent hike is adding an extra pressure. Accommodation is one of the fundamental rights of human being which the state is failing to provide.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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