Rising of job age limit demanded

DN-shahbagAge limit for government and autonomous jobs is thirty years in Bangladesh. The government has risen the retirement age from fifty seven to fifty nine.

Duration of honours course is increased from three years to four years. Several other interruptions including political unrest have lengthened the student life. In many cases students are getting only one to two years to prepare themselves for a government job.

Moreover as retirement age is raised getting a job has been difficult than before.

In many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India the job limit is thirty five now.

Now present and former students are demanding to raise the age limit from thirty years to thirty five years.

They staged a demonstration at Shahbag junction of the capital yesterday. This demonstration blocked the traffic and a caused long tailback.

The protesters demanded that the age limit should rise before the 34th BCS exam. They also threatened to stage more agitation programs including fast unto death and self-immolation if their demands are not met.

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